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Jim Willie: Dollar Devaluation On the Way

Big Dad speaks to Jim Willie about the Dollar Devaluation. Jim Willie: Part 1 Advertisements

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INVESTIGATED: Journalist Michael Hastings Possible Assassination

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Journalist Dies in Mysterious Car Crash After Contacting Lawyer About FBI Harrassment

Christopher Greene of AMTV investigates the mysterious death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings. Website: Blog:

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Maddow Explains How The FBI Can Assassinate Anyone They Want

Rachel Maddow talks about the track record of FBI agents shooting and wounding and killing people. Never has an “internal investigation” (FBI investigating itself) found any wrong doing on the FBI agents parts, even though people have been wrongly murdered.

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Obama’s New War in Syria ‘Say F U America!’

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Warning: USA to Invade Syria

A Must watch video by Christopher Green of AM TV Media U.S. is on verge of declaring an imminent aggressive war says Christopher Green. WARNING: USA to Invade Syria – Christopher Green by Daily Motion Channel

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Obama’s Dilemma

A note from Hermes – June 16, 2013 Obama is a puppet. But he’s been resisting the drums to full blown war invasion with Syria/Iran. I don’t believe he is now saber rattling about Syria to create a “distraction” from … Continue reading

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Tell Obama: Hands Off Syria! Say No to British-French-State Dept. War Psychosis! The British and French are bashing Obama so he will get the U.S. into Syria, and American kids will do the fighting for them… Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D. The Webster Tarpley Program – June 11, 2013 [download audio]

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NSA spying: Sweeping US data-mining program revealed official

US intelligence confirms it is collecting the private messages of internet users but defends the move, claiming the mass surveillance was targeting only “non-US persons” outside the country. Earlier British and American papers reported that the US was tapping directly … Continue reading

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Bill Murphy of Says “US Gov’t Gold Scandal Worse Than IRS Scandal”

Bill Murphy from, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, talks to Elijah Johnson about the U.S. Government gold scandal that he says is worse than the IRS scandal. Continue reading

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