Obama’s Dilemma

Is Obama being used as the scapegoat for the monumental collapse of Western Civilization? Image spliced together by Hermes

Is Obama being used as the scapegoat? Image by Hermes

A note from Hermes – June 16, 2013

Obama is a puppet. But he’s been resisting the drums to full blown war invasion with Syria/Iran. I don’t believe he is now saber rattling about Syria to create a “distraction” from all these scandals. Just the opposite. He is beginning to cave from the pressure from the powerful groups that are working behind the curtain, who may be responsible for some of the “explosions” we’ve seen in the last month (a fertilizer plant, chemical plant, fire in CO, etc), as well as responsible for the Boston Bombing. The IRS/NSA/Benghazi exposures are being done to threaten Obama into “action” against Syria. God only knows what else these people will be doing, but that little fascist-phony traitor, Glenn Greenwald, knows that none of these exposures on these scandals will change anything, and so he keeps threatening to bring more of them “out in the open” (although the NSA spying has been known for years). The guy is doing his part in the pressuring of Obama to get him to attack the rest of the Middle East. Glenn Greenwald, and his handlers, are relying on people to not think this through.

Obama’s Dilemma:

  1. If he caves completely to the pressures (from political opponents and terrorists) and attacks Syria, he knows Iran will be close behind and once we go there it means full blown World War III, and the death to perhaps billions of people.
  2. Or, if he continues to resist, he knows more American people will be innocent victims of bombings, explosions, and other “coincidental” and convenient tragedies….As well as face Impeachment when they continue to barage him and his Admin with more “scandals”, even though none of those scandals will result in any real change. (I think the IRS might face some changes, but this will be minor and to appease the ignorant masses).
  3. If he resigns or is impeached he then turns over the keys to someone who will go into Syria blazing and make this all 100% worse than it already is.

Whichever way he moves, Obama is screwed. I’ve never cared for Obama. But I always knew he would be used as a scapegoat to all the wealthy and elitist groups (who may have got him elected to serve that purpose).

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